Friday, September 19, 2008

Yanks Covet the Sheeter

So sayeth Was Watching:

Coming back from the gym yesterday, I was in my car listening to The Michael Kay Show (on ESPN Radio in NYC) right around the five o’clock hour. And, I heard
Kay share that, according to all his ‘inside sources’ and ‘Yankees
connections,’ etc., the potential free agent starting pitcher (this
off-season) who the Yankees lust after the most is Ben Sheets.


tracker said...

Not surprising, since CC appears uninterested in the Yankees. I don't know how to read the Sheets situation. If it's just going to be dollars-and-cents, I don't see why the Brewers wouldn't be a player. Yet Haudricourt repeatedly refers to Sheets as a soon-to-be ex-Brewer in no uncertain terms, without any documentation or support of why he drew that conclusion.

E.S.K. said...

the Brewers may be able to match a salary on a player to player basis, but their risk tolerance is so much lower than the Yankees that they can't realistically compete for a player that the Yankees really want and still responsibly run the organization.

The Yankess can afford Sheets flaming out on a 4 year $60 million deal as they could just replace him with another, the Brewers cannot.

DannyNoonan said...

I still think Haudricort is just talking shit. I think we have as good a chance at anyone of landing sheets, and I hope we do. For a discount, anyway.

tracker said...

I just don't see a problem with 4-60. Sure it's a risk, but it doesn't bury the team if he flames out, no more than Suppan does at 4-42 for being mediocre.

What I'm not clear on is how much he dislikes it here, if at all. There could be some hometown consideration, but that more than likely would make him an Astro than a Yankee.

DannyNoonan said...

He owns a hockey team here.

E.S.K. said...

Tracker, there is a difference between being a serviceable pitcher and being on the shelf.

Benjamin said...

I hope it will be the Yanks if he doesn't stay. One of the comp picks would be their first rounder instead of a sandwich pick since they are in the upper half of league standings.

tracker said...

As it applies here, that depends on your definition of serviceable. Suppan is that, but we probably could have had that level of service at a fraction of the cost. He might as well be on the shelf.

Anonymous said...

The Cardinals are destroying the Cubs.

Dave said...

Sheets will get a one year contract guaranteed, but with plenty of performance incentives, and have a club option for additional years.

The guy has too much history with unusual ailments.

That's what Nomar did with the Cubs, right?

E.S.K. said...

yeah, but Nomar was coming off an injured season. Sheets, for all his problems this year, has pitched almost 200 innings.

He'll get multi-year guaranteed money, and lots of it.

Lenny Bruce is Unafraid said...

What ever team gives the Multi-Year Guaranteed Money deal will regret it.

Madison Mark said...

Found in Ben Sheets Locker:

Plausible Miss Work Excuses:

Temporary Blindness
Generalized massive edema
Syphilis (media release term: hives)
Bubonic plague
Lesions on (_____)
Chorea (let the press look it up)
Milk leg (Google it)
Water on the brain.

Caveat emptor Yanks

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