Monday, September 15, 2008

Aaron Rodgers is Needed on Wall St.

God damn was Rodgers impressive yesterday. He seemed to lose a little focus in the 3rd quarter but was able to reign it in and hit Jennings on a perfect throw to bring the game back to the Packers. It was really fantastic to watch Rodgers play.

Rodgers was poised and ready and shook off late game adversity to turn that shit around. Fire Bernanke, appoint Rodgers!

His accuracy and mobility are better than advertised and his mental capacity is light years ahead of the best projections. I think after this season the Packers and Aaron Rodgers will be the template for QB grooming.

It's not about having Favre in front of him (no one wants their QB learning football from Favre) it's about learning the offense and having that confidence. The way Rodgers carriers himself makes it abundantly clear that at the very least he ALWAYS knows exactly what should be going on in every play.

It's difficult to overstate how impressive Rodgers has been.

It felt a lot like McCarthy really reigned it in again...which is worrisome. the offensive line is suspect and undisciplined, and Al Harris is clearly on the wrong side of his career.

Overall, great day of football. Bears and Vikings pissed away very winnable games against good teams and the Packers turned a squeaker into a laugher to grab the early division lead. I highly doubt they give it back.


DannyNoonan said...

Rodgers looked awesome. At the half he had an almost perfect passer rating.

The only thing that makes me nervous is all the penalties. We need to take care of that if we're going to win against good teams.

The Cowboys will be a big test for us.

E.S.K. said...

yeah, the penalties is what I was referring to with the o-line.

Our d-back penalties are like strike outs to me. They are shitty but necessary for those guys to be effective. Harris, Woodson, Bigby and even Collins to a lesser extent are incredibly physical defenders and generally effective. but with that comes a flag or ten.

PaulNoonan said...

I'm with you on the secondar thing. I wonder if they might not benefit from more zone. Harris looked like a genuine ball hawk at least twice in that game when he was allowed to close on a defender in front of him.