Sunday, September 14, 2008

Packers/Brewers Open Thread

We have three big games today.

At noon, the Packers play the Lions in Detroit. Hopefully Aaron Rodgers will seamlessly step into the Packer tradition of beating the Lions. The Pack have won 7 of their last 8 games against the Lions. Last week, the Lions' run D was garbage against Atlanta, so Ryan Grant and the other Packer backs should be productive.

UPDATE: At the half, Rodger's QB rating is 156.5 (You can't get higher than 158.3). The Packers are up 21-3.

The Brewers play 2 against the Phillies today. The first match starts at 12:35 and pits Dave Bush against Joe Blanton. The second game is Jeff Suppan against Brett Meyers (on three days rest). The line-up for the first game is a bit unusual:

RF Corey Hart
SS J.J. Hardy
2B Ray Durham
1B Prince Fielder
LF Ryan Braun
CF Mike Cameron
3B Craig Counsell
C Jason Kendal
lRHP Dave Bush

I'm not sure Hart is the right man for the lead-off job, especially while he's in a slump, and I'm not sure it's a good idea to have two lefties right next to each other, but perhaps the change will spark something.


Anonymous said...

Touchdown Packers!

DannyNoonan said...
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DannyNoonan said...

Rodgers to James Jones for the TD with 2 minutes to play in the 1st quarter. 7-0 Packers.

DannyNoonan said...

Corey Hart with a lead-off triple! GO BREWERS!

DannyNoonan said...

And a Durham homer!

DannyNoonan said...

This Rodgers kid can play.

Anonymous said...

Phillies got one. Crap.

DannyNoonan said...

God I hope that McDonalds commercial isn't national.