Thursday, September 25, 2008

At least 5000 People won't be booing Gagne tonight

We hope.

He's giving away 5000 tickets to tonight's game. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Gagne, but he seems to be a good guy to have in your community. Same with Suppan.

steveegg said...

Between that, and Gagne's kicking in some cash for every strikeout at Miller Park, and Soup's Troops, they're class acts.

David said...

As with any performer/athlete, it's extremely difficult to separate their public persona with their private.

Unless, of course, you're T.O.

E.S.K. said...

Gagne is a good guy, shitty pitcher but a great guy. Better than me I suppose, I'm a shitty pitcher and a terrible person.