Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cubs prefer "Wrigley North" to Wrigley South

According to this Chicago Tribune article. The article contains some great player quotes. They try to show appreciation for the "history" and "tradition" of Wrigley Field, but it's obvious they think it's a dump.

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Dave said...

That's something similar my late father-in-law used to talk about.

For all intents and purposes, Wrigley Field has been paid off for decades (not counting state, local taxes, and other expenses of course).

Old man Wrigley, and especially the Tribune Company, never really attempted to upgrade the field or team. The profits they'd reap from sellouts kept them comfortable.

Maybe I'm not as objective as I want to be, but it seems too much a coincidence that the Cubs became consistently competitive since we heard the rumblings of the team on the sales block.

My father-in-law died on January 3. HUGE Cub fan, really interested in politics. It's selfish to say this, but man, I can only wonder about the conversations we would've had.