Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hair of the Dog, 9/14/08

Ned Yost has DustyBakered Manny Parra. Parra shit the bed in the first two innings yesterday and left the bullpen to limit the 5-run Phillies lead the rest of the game. Besided the "back end" of the pen doing an okay job of that, and a Ryan Braun dinger (his first in a bunch of at-bats), there wasn't much to get excited about. The Phillies are now just two games behind the Crew in the Wild Card race, with a doubleheader between the two teams today. HUGE.

Cubs fans: For just this one time, you can call it Wrigley North. Do to hurricane problems in Huston, Miller Park will play host to two Cubs-Astros games today and tomorrow. The Astros are just 2.5 games back on the Crew and the Cubs are a solid 6 games ahead in the division. As much as it pains me, some Cubs victories would help the Brewers, and a home field advantage in what should be an away game should help. Anyone going to the game?

The Badgers remain undefeated. The game was a nail-biter, with the Badger defense looking strong. Late in the game, the Badgers were the victims of a few big plays, and Allen Everidge went down with 3 minutes left to play. The Badgers were pinned on their own 1-yard-line when fullback Bill Rentmeester got his first touch of the night and took the ball 8 yards up Fresno State's behind for a first down, and enough time to take a few knees for the 13-10 win. A win is a win.

Today is a big day for Wisconsin sports fans. Besides the two Brewers-Phillies games, the Packers take on the Detroit Lions. HUGE.

Today's hair of the dog is brought to you by Stella Artois, which I often order with dinner at moderately nice restaurant. It's a good Belgian beer that comes in a cool glass and is easily found in American bars and restaurants these days.

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