Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meet your 2009 Brewers?

It seems as though Melvin is done making any substantial moves for the time being. With Hardy resigned, Fielder not on the trading block, and not looking for starting pitching, it looks like this is the team. I really would have liked to see some additional starting pitching, some outfield depth, or another infielder as those all seem to be places where the team could still improve.


PaulNoonan said...

I am disappointed, just because the team has a few obvious warts which could be handled in low cost fashion, in my opinion. Oh well.

These past few years have been based on some very good prospects. Success this year, if there is to be any, will quite possibly rest on the shoulders of players who do not make the team out of camp, and who are hardly "can't miss" prospects. I think they're roughly a .500 team as currently constituted, and unless the Cubs have a disaster (which is possible, by the way) it's going to take a wild card to get into the playoffs again. That sounds like a tall order without one more pitcher and some extra OBP.

tracker said...

They look like last year's team (minus CC), a little better in the pen, no different offensively, no different defensively, and no significant difference in the starting rotation, in fact perhaps slightly better. The latter assumes Yo = Sheets, and Bush is second half Bush. If so, they're not a division contender, but at 87-88 wins, a wild card contender.

Speaking of low cost, Verducci reports the Mets offer to Sheets is close to the Penny offer (1 yr, $5 mil, club option) Sheets wants 2-18 with his option.

If Melvin had offered Sheets 2-18 at some point last year, I think Sheets would've punched him.

ahren said...

brewers are more likely to improve than dis-improve (un-improve? a-prove?) at:

sp (gallardo)
sp (parra)

don't fret.

ahren said...

"If Melvin had offered Sheets 2-18 at some point last year, I think Sheets would've punched him."

>> and tweaked his shoulder doing so, leading to three straight starts where ben walked off the field at the end of the third inning while tugging on his groin and shaking his like when brett favre used to overthrow his first 3 passes on the inevitable initial 3 and out during monday night football.