Friday, January 30, 2009

Brewers Sign Stetter as LOOGY

According to TH, Mitch Stetter is likely to be the go to lefty out of the pen after he signed a minor league deal yesterday.

I don't mind Stetter.  He was an effective reliever last year in his 30 appearances.  I do, however, question the logic of using him as a LOOGY considering he has performed better against rhb than lhb over his (very short) career.

Does anyone know if he had more pronounced splits in the minors, or if there is a database out there that provides minor league splits?


Anonymous said...

Don't know where to get that info.

Stetter's unique in that he changes to an over-the-top delivery to righthanders, wheres he sidearms the lefthanders. This in part could account for the minimal split difference. I think this quality makes him sort of a LOOGy-plus. You bring him into face a lefthander, but don't necessarily have to yank him for the righthander who follows and bridges to the next lefthander.

I'd still like to have Shouse around, however.

E.S.K. said...

Yeah, my fear is that he will be underutilized since he has been labeled the "LOOGY", given that he was pretty damn good for a month.

ahren said...

you can get minor leage splits at

in his minor league career, stetter is 73ip, 47h, 102k, 18bb, .190avg, 12.58 k/9, 0.99hr/9 vs. lefties...

and 98.3, 92, 63, 33, .261, 5.77, 0.55 vs. righties.

one thing that possibly skews his major league numbers is that LOOGYs usually are called upon to face really good lefties (if they weren't, they'd get pinch hit for by a righty), so even if a pitcher is platoon-split-neutral, he'll generally have a worse line vs. lefties

E.S.K. said...

That wasn't really the case with Stetter though, he was used as a bridge guy more than a lefty specialist.

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