Monday, January 26, 2009

Marquette v. Notre Dame

There is an excellent college basketball game this evening between the Golden Eagles and Fighting Irish. Marquette has yet to lose a game in the brutal Big East and has managed to climb in the polls all the way to 8th. Notre Dame has been reeling a bit lately, having lost 3 straight games (all to ranked opponents). They've also typically struggled against Marquette, having lost 8 of their last 11.

That said, Notre Dame is very tough at home, and this should be a compelling matchup between Marquette's excellent trio of guards (Matthews, McNeal, James), and Notre Dame's inside presence, led by reigning Big East player of the year, Luke Harangody.

Marquette's biggest weakness is on the inside. Their best "big" is the 6-foot-6 Lazar Hayward, and Marquette typically struggles with talented big men like Harangody, but this season their guards have been up to the task, making up for their inside deficiencies with excellent shooting from beyond the arc.

Marquette and Notre Dame used to be huge rivals, and one of the best things about the enormous Big East is that this rivalry may flourish again.

Plus nobody likes Notre Dame.

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Rob said...

1. Luke Harangody hit some unreal shots… MU played pretty good D on him, he was in the zone for a while.
2. Could Jay Bilas spooge over Harangody anymore… it got disgusting.
3. That no call at the end of the game on James was CRAP! If he is hurt that is bush.

Now to MU.
1. Wesley Matthews. Up to this season I considered him a disappointment. Not anymore.
2. Dominic James. Has really improved his game, not his scoring numbers, but his game. Great D tonight.
3. Jereal McNeal. Great player. Big shots tonight.
4. Frontcourt. I thought they did a pretty good job tonight.
5. Buzz. He looks like a dope, but the man is getting the job done. Color me impressed.

I thought this game was a big one for MU and they convinced me they are for real. I was betting they would fall once they got into the top 10. Nice, nice, win. And I second the fact that nobody like Notre Dame.