Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HOTD: The Cubs Get Worse, The Cubs Get Better

The Cubs went out and signed the Rich Hardin of hitting, which will complement the Rich Hardin of pitching (Rich Hardin) nicely.

When Milton Bradley is healthy and sane, he really has no peer. He’s a switch-hitter, he hits for average, he hits for power, and most importantly, he gets on base. He’s been a darling of the SABR-folk for a long time. His only problem is that on average he plays fewer than 100 games per season.

Bradley makes the Cubs much better, as he will provide a left-handed power presence in a righty-heavy lineup, and he’ll be an enormous upgrade over Kosuke Fukudome. The Cubs definitely took a downgrade when they acquired Aaron Miles, but this more than makes up for it.

And by the way, at 3 years/30 million, it would have been nice to see Doug Melvin get into the bidding for Bradley’s services, as he is exactly what the Brewers need in their lineup.

Is Mike Nolan the new Packer defensive coordinator?

He’s allegedly assembling his staff already. Nolan is a very good defensive coordinator, and typically runs a 3-4 defense. It will be interesting to see if he implements this right away:

“Aaron Kampman does not fit that mold. Sure, he could bulk up but why would he want to? He's one of the top players at his position. Even if he lost weight, he's not fluid enough to play outside linebacker. Cullen Jenkins would also have to gain some weight. He wouldn't want to either, for the same reason. Both could be valuable in the trade market.”

Who’s Better Than “Contract Year Charlie”?

I don't even think that Contract Year Tim Thomas can hold a candle to Contract Year Carlie. Charlie V. and Michael Redd combined for 60 points last night as the Bucks took it to the Toronto Raptors 107-97 at the BC. I believe this was their first win without Andrew Bogut in the lineup.

A Note To Jim Tressell

When you have Terrell Pryor playing QB, and you need a two point conversion, give him a run/pass option. He’s pretty much unstoppable when he takes off.

Today’s HOTD is brought to you by Highland Park 12 Year Old Scotch Whisky.


Rob said...

Mike Nolan: I think I am glad that the Pack is going outside the organization for a D coordinator. I agree, the 3-4 will be interesting to see him implement... will that help or hurt the linebacker play?

Contract Year Charlie: That is funny and very appropriate. I wonder what Hammonds will do with him.

OC Lurker said...

Milton Bradley? If we are going to take a $30M chance on an injury prone player I'd rather it be Ben Sheets.

PaulNoonan said...

Why not both?

tracker said...

Because Attanasio has said he won't exceed $80 mil in '09 salaries. Based on rough projections for the arb-eligible group, we're at about $70 mil. Bradley would've fit. Sheets probably won't (but if it's close I'll still bet he's a Brewer in 09 on a 1-year deal). Will Hoffman? Dunno, but I think it's pretty clear we only get one of the above.