Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Does Weeks Deserve To Triple (or even double) His Salary?

You ask me?  Blow it out your ass, Weeks. 

Weeks, who made $1.056 million last season., requested a $2.8 million
salary. The Brewers submitted an offer for $2 million. Weeks is
arbitration eligible for the second time.

Weeks was worse in every single offensive category, some significantly so, and (according the fangraphs value metric) was four times worse a defender than he was in 2007. 

I want to hear the rationale behind this nonsensical arb number, and I want the Brewers to be done with Rickie (who in reality isn't that bad, I just find his who-gives-a-shit attitude annoying and frustrating).


Chris said...

Scary I totally agree with you on this

Another year of Rickie making the hard play and blowing the easy one.


PaulNoonan said...

Well no, I don't think he should get a raise, but in baseball there's the whole deal about guys being underpaid when they're younger.

But I agree with the spirit of the post.

ahren said...

i disagree for 3 reasons:

1) paul's reason-- weeks would make a shitload more money if he were not forced into servitude for a cartel

2) he's pretty good (which you acknowledge, actually). a .270 eqa is pretty decent for 2b.

3) he won me a bet with my best friend on who would have the higher ops -- weeks or cano... this allowed me a free nuggets ticket 10 rows off the court to watch them blow out the bucks.

as a bonus, we sat right behind the guy who sang the national anthem... he came right back to his seat with a hotdog that was 1/3 eaten. my question is: did he start the hotdog, stop, then sing? is this a good warmup for singing? is it part of his rider that he must have a hotdog waiting for him when he finishes singing? do national anthem singers have riders? if so, can we start a website dedicated to publishing them?

i guess i'm as out-of-line as a rickie weeks double play turn with the off-topic stuff. sorry.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says second basemen excitement like a ball in the dirt to first base.