Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baseball Prospectus 2009 Less Than One Month Away

From BP, of course:

BP 2009 is already rolling off the presses as we speak, and will be arriving in stores and at your favorite on-line vendor just after Valentine’s Day. As in previous years, the BP gang will soon after be hitting the road to talk up the new baseball season, sign books, and perform amazing feats of prediction (in some cases while dodging traffic). Watch BP Unfiltered and our Events page for more information in the coming days. On behalf of my co-editor, Christina Kahrl, the assembled BP authors, and myself, I thank you for your continued patronage of our book, very much hope that you enjoy the results of our labors, and look forward to meeting you and talking baseball at a bookstore near you.

I know I'm a bit of a shill for BP, but the day that I get my Baseball Prospectus is seriously one of my favorite days of the year. If you haven't picked one up in the past, give it a shot.


ahren said...

i didn't buy bp this year, cuz nate silver said its MORP was 9.75 due to the adjusted play-by-play defensive data built into the system.

i'd sign bp for a year at 12 with a club option at 14.

(why aren't club options ever MORE than the avg value of the contract? this makes no sense and would make them a lot more operable...)

Jon said...

haha, i thought i was a fairly big stats geek but considering i dont even care about reading BP Prospectus other than helping me bet over/under win lines (which i can get from website) i guess your stats geekiness surpasses me to the googleth power. one of the favorite days of the year wow. what about the day the new season of rock of love begins???