Monday, January 5, 2009

HOTD: Hens Love Roosters, Geese Love Ganders, Everyone Else Hates Bob Sanders

Sanders has been fired. I've never been a big fan myself. I always like Ed Donatell, and never thought it was a huge overreaction to fire him because of 4th and 26, and I think it's been downhill ever since. That said, I can't help feeling a bit like that with regard to Sanders. While the defense was rather terrible this year, much of that can be attributed to injuries and personnel moves, both of which Sanders had little control over.

Whoever replaces Sanders has a tall task ahead of him. With little ability to stop the run, a linebacking corps that appears to be in shambles, and a secondary that relies on somewhat elderly players, a major overhaul may be in order.

Wisconsin Goes To 2-0 in Big Ten

Cornley, Pringle put up delicious, fried effort, but can't outduel Marcus Landry.

Give Penn State some credit. They actually have a few good players this year, and gave the Badgers everything they could handle on Saturday. Fortunately, they also had no answer for Marcus Landry, Travon Hughes hit a huge, clutch 3-pointer down the stretch, and the Badgers managed to completely shut down Talor Battle, holding him to 6 points on just 2-11 shooting.

It's a good thing that Bucky is off to such a hot start with an impressive win over Michigan on the road to go along with this nailbiter, as they will see Big Ten powers Michigan State and Purdue, plus a trip to Minneapolis, over their next three games.

Marquette 2-0 in Brutal Big East

The Big East is something else this year. It is as loaded as any conference I've ever seen, which is why Marquette's 1st conference win over 13th ranked Villanova and subsequent annihilation of Cincinnati were every bit as important as Wisconsin's first two conference wins. It doesn't get any easier. Dominic James, Wesley Matthews, and Jerel McNeal are as good as any backcourt in the country, especially when James can curb his seemingly unquenchable thirst for shooting. This Marquette team (like last year's) is extremely dangerous for that reason, as any of their guards is capable of taking over and dominating. Their front court, however, remains an Achilles heal. Still, they're extremely exciting if nothing else.

Cubs Get Worse

In case you didn't notice, the Cubs replaced this guy with this guy, and may hit Aaron Miles and his sparkling .329 OBP (career) in the leadoff spot. We here at Brewed Sports wholeheartedly support this move.

Today's HOTD is brought to you by Three Floyds' Alpha Klaus. 'Tis an excellent brand of holiday cheer. And I have some leftover.


Chris said...

I expect Wisconsin to break into the top 25 today and MU will make a huge jump up when the polls come out

Anonymous said...

Badgers don't get a vote, much less a spot in the top 25. If they beat Minnesota next week, then they'll get a spot.

MU doesn't break in either, although I thought a win over Villanova should get the job done.

Chris said...

Mu up to 15 in ESPN USA Today

Amazing thing Wis only gets 26 votes but the Michigan team they beat in Michigan gets 49 votes

polls still baffle me

In the end the only poll that matters is the Big Dance seating right.

Anonymous said...

My bad. Looking at last week's polls that somehow were dated as today's.

"Amazing thing Wis only gets 26 votes but the Michigan team they beat in Michigan gets 49 votes"

Nobody likes to admit they were wrong about something. This is true of human nature even when presented substantial evidence to the contrary, as was provided by the Badgers whuppin up on Michigan. So I don't blame the pollsters for stubbornness of which most of us are guilty. But for that reason the value of such polls should be nothing greater than conversation fodder, which it mostly is in basketball.

Unfortunately, in college football it's a tool that misguidedly determines champions.

DannyNoonan said...

Cubs just signed Milton Bradley too.

steveegg said...

Disturbing item on the Packers' bloodbath - the LB coach is still around. Even before the defensive line started to let opposing offensive linemen mug the linebackers which made the backers useless against the run, they couldn't cover a twin-sized bed with a king-sized bedsheet.

E.S.K. said...

Cubs just got a LOT better.

PaulNoonan said...

Yup. As long as he's healthy.

Anonymous said...

Scheiss. If Bob Melvin had listened to me a year ago, Milton Bradley would be the Brewers centerfielder, and he'd still be cheap.

Anonymous said...

Whoa. Meant Doug.