Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Review: Brewers Wake

I'm too scattered to put paragraphs together, or even a proper HOTD. This is going to have to be bullet points.

1. Saturday's Brewer victory was the most exciting baseball game I've ever attended, and right up there with last season's Packer snow globe game over the Seahawks in my book. Never has Miller Park been so electric. Never have the fans been more into it. I've had a taste of the post-season and I want more.

2. It could be worse. We could be Cubs fans. As bad as our offense looked, at least we won one game. The Cubs scored 6 runs over 3 games. Kudos to the Dodgers for shutting down one of the best lineups in baseball for 3 straight games.

3. Allan Evridge looks good physically, and throws a nice ball, but man is he dumb.

4. John Clay is still better than PJ Hill.

5. Aaron Rodgers arm strength was impacted by his injury, which cost him that all important interception, however he played well for the most part.

6. The defense is in shambles due to missing personnel, and is especially weakened at the line of scrimmage. Not getting pressure on a rookie QB is inexcusable, even if you have to bring 6 guys.

7. To Brad Nelson. On Saturday, I was sitting right down the third base line, and I know that you did not go around. I don't know what that umpire was looking at.

8. I'll bet the Brewers won't sign any more pitchers because of "post-season magic."

9. I actually think Bill Hall is better than Pedro Feliz.

10. The Brewer bullpen deserves all kinds of credit. Until Guillermo Mota gave up a second HR to Pat Burrell yesterday, they had not allowed an earned run in the post season. According to the stadium radar gun, Gagne was back in the 94-95 range. It's about time.

11. I would always rather have talent than experience. Ryan Braun, one of the least-experienced Brewers, was clearly their best post-season offensive player. In baseball, playoff experience don't mean shit.

12. The Packer offensive line isn't any better than the defensive line, but they don't have a good excuse.

13. Don't count out the Brewers for next year. They will lose Sabathia and Sheets (probably), but small upgrades at 3rd and/or catcher can make up for the minor downgrade from Sabathia to a full season of Gallardo.

14. As bad as the Pack looks right now, they still play in a terrible division and there is plenty of time to right the ship.

Finally, the Brewers' season was the most fun it's been in a long long time. It's sad that the season is at an end, but the 2008 squad was a very good, and very entertaining team. Part of what made them frustrating also made them exhilarating, and their penchant for late-inning heroics (and melt-downs too) was second to none. I got a voucher for the 2008 DVD at Saturday's game, and I'm already looking forward to watching it.

Congratulations to the 2008 Milwaukee Brewers.


Eric said...

12. The Packer offensive line isn't any better than the defensive line, but they don't have a good excuse.

Yes they do. The zone blocking scheme

PaulNoonan said...

That's not a good excuse. It worked fine last year. The defensive line is injury-riddled.

The offensive line seems to have declined for no good reason, especially in the run-game. (Rodgers is partially responsible for trouble in the passing game as he holds the ball too long.)

Eric said...

did it work fine last year?

Eric said...

Lastly, i will claim half credit or admit half failure for my prediction of CC Sabathia and the Brewers. I said the trade, that should be Trade, was a losing proposition because the Brewers would not make the post season with Ned Yost at the helm.

Well the Brewers did make the post season but without Ned. I'll take a push.

Now i'd give up Sheets and Fielder and other high priced talent to keep him. Bruan of course is off the table.

Dumping the Gagne contract will also help.