Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two Interesting Brewer Snippets

from Jon Heyman

First, Melvin...
Word is going around that Brewers GM Doug Melvin may emerge as a
candidate for the vacant Mariners job if an extension isn't worked out
in Milwaukee. While one person said Melvin wasn't exactly thrilled that
Brewers owner Mark Attanasio made the call to replace Melvin's manager Ned Yost with Dale Sveum,
a promise of more autonomy could still lead to an extension for Melvin,
who has a year to go on his contract. (By the way, while a GM would
never take such an extraordinary step of removing his manager with 12
games to go, Attanasio absolutely made the right call.)
I read last week on some dark corner of the internet that Melvin was pissed he was made the fall guy over Yost. I don't really remember it happening that way but people like to tell stories. If Melvin does go, I imagine the Brewers would have zero problems finding an excellent replacement. A great foundation of young talent, a superstar signed forever and an owner with deep pockets and limited day-to-day meddling. GM dream job.

More importantly to me, however, is the following:
Hank Blalock was "the best hitter I saw in the second half,''
one scout said. Of course, you have to remember some scouts don't see
all players. But it's good to see Blalock getting his act back together.

Blalock is good. When Blalock is healthy he is very good. Compared to Bill Hall? Hank Blalock is Mike Schmidt. Prince Fielder and Bill Hall for Hank Blalock, Frank Francisco and Franklyn German.

Make it happen!


Anonymous said...

How does jack z figure into this? The js said he is a cadidate for the same position.

E.S.K. said...

If the Jays don't hire Kim Ng the Brewers should.

E.S.K. said...

Z didn't make the final cut according to SPI