Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hair of the Dog, October 4, 2008

Must Win. Today's game is an example of an actual "must win" game. If we lose, we're out. If we win, we live to play another day. Dale Sveum says he isn't changing the line-up today, except to add righties Weeks and Hall, and subtract lefties Durham and Counsell.

It's not like we have three buys swinging really good and three guys medium and a couple of guys really bad," said Sveum, whose team will try to avoid elimination after losing the first two games of the series in Philadelphia.

"Nobody has a really got a hot hand right now at anything. So, to move them here and there, at least when they go to bed tonight, they'll know the lineup. They know where they'll be, and that's comfortable in it's own way sometimes."

I suppose that's true, and with guys like Kapler and Branyan injured, there's not many substitutions you could make. I think letting Rivera give it a crack is one obvious move, but that's not too likely.

The good news is that the Brewers have killed Moyer in the past. If there's one thing that can wake up the bats, it's an old lefty. As Paul noted a few days ago, Brewers' OPSs against Moyer look like this:

Rickie Weeks - 1.314
Prince Fielder - 1.083
JJ Hardy - 1.569
Bill Hall - 1.500
Corey Hart - 1.458
Ryan Braun - 1.167

That's pretty encouraging.

I'll be attending my first play-off baseball game. I sure hope it's one to remember. Go Brewers!

Will it be a quiet Badger game today? Not because of last week's painful loss to Michigan, but because there will be no band.

MADISON, Wis. -- The University of Wisconsin marching band has been suspended indefinitely while allegations of hazing, alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct are investigated.

No details were immediately released about the behavior, only that it involved inappropriate alcohol use, hazing and sexualized behavior. Leckrone said it involved only a small number of band members, but it was significant enough to warrant the suspension.

Insert overused American Pie joke here.

Mark A. is talking about revenue sharing here.

ESK: Here is the link to the audio

"It's always amusing to me to hear the Yankees, they can't get into the playoffs with $200 million, and they say, `well, we've done enough,''' Attanasio, the chief investment officer at money management firm TCW Group Inc., said in an interview with Bloomberg Radio's ``On the Ball'' program that will air tomorrow. ``The advantages that you're given in the bigger market teams -- if they really wanted to have a fair fight they would do more revenue sharing, but I guess the obvious battle lines are drawn on that.''

What do you guys think of revenue sharing in sports? I'm not quite sure, but I do know that Ed Valentine should get an F for his analogy at Bugs and Cranks. And for talkin shit about the Crew.

Today's Hair of the Dog is brought to you by Hofbrau Original, which I consumed in mass quantities last night as part of a late Oktoberfest celebration. I sure hope I can rally for today's game. So far so good.


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