Thursday, October 2, 2008

HOTD: Cole Hamels Ain’t No Lefty

I won’t mention it again (and I should point out that E mentioned it first), except to state that had the Brewers started Ray Durham and Craig Counsell (as they should have) instead of Bill Hall and Rickie Weeks, the Crew may very well have escaped with a 1-0 (or more) win.

As it is, CC goes today, and this is really the whole series. If the Phils can steal this one they will have taken the Brewers best shot, and almost certainly go on to win the series. My biggest fear is another offensive catastrophe and a 1-0 loss. Brett Myers is certainly capable of shutting down the Crew, as they struggle against RHP in general. Of course, there is reason for optimism on that front as well:

Mike Cameron - .231/.375/.692, in 16 PAs
Ray Durham - .250/.333/.625 in 9 PAs
Prince Fielder – 1/5 with a HR.

Most of the Crew hasn’t faced him enough to provide any real insight. Braun is 0-3, Hall is 1-4, Hart is 1-5. JJ Hardy is the most troubling as he is 0-10 against Myers, but shockingly, has yet to strike out or ground into a double play against him. That’s some bad BABIP luck.

As long as they can scratch together a few runs for CC they’ll be fine, which is more than you can say about the Cubs.

Dempster Turns Into A Pumpkin, Just In Time For October

Ryan Dempster has been great all year, as Brewer fans know. He is the Ace of the Cub staff, and was supposed to lead them to victory at home against the Dodgers. Instead he walked 800 guys and gave up an uncharacteristic 3 long balls, one of which was a Grand Slam by James Loney.

Instead of being up 1-0, the Cubs find themselves down a game with home field advantage squandered and the enigmatic Carlos Zambrano going tonight. Zambrano appears to have some lingering injury that may have been exacerbated by his no-hitter against the Astros in Miller Park. He’s been pretty terrible lately. I’m liking the probability of getting my good Wrigleyville parking back sooner than expected.

And in AL news the Red Sox beat the Angels. I was asleep before it even started.

Sausage Links

Aaron Rodgers problem is not pain, it’s arm strength. This is not good. You can play through pain, but you can’t play through certain physical impediments.

The City of Chicago has managed to get Wrigleyville taverns to agree to their stupid “voluntary” ban on selling drinks in the 7th inning or later during “clinching games.” Using language that George Orwell would be proud of, I give you this:

The owner of the Irish Oak pub says the agreement came at a meeting Monday between bar owners and Chicago officials.

Billy Lawless attended the meeting. He says he's unhappy with the ban but had little choice but to agree

But city officials recently suggested extending the ban. They say it'll lessen the chances of disturbances.

Lawless says the compromise was to make the ban voluntary.

(Emphasis mine, not that it was necessary.)

Today’s HOTD is brought to you by Laphroaig 10 Year. Yesterday’s game took sterner stuff than mere beer.

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Anonymous said...

What was so brutal about the 3rd was that although Weeks and Hall fucked things up, as we'd expect they might, it was a drop by our most dependable outfielder that actually cost us the runs. Shit happens I guess.

Also, I so wish Gabe Kapler was healthy right now.