Tuesday, October 14, 2008

HOTD: All The Little Chicks With the Crimson Lips Are Correct

The “best division in football", I’m told, is the NFC East. The Eagles looked like they play in said division, posting a 40-26 win over the 49ers, however, the rest of said division did not acquit itself so well.

The Cowboys lost Tony Romo and the game to the Arizona Cardinals, and as much as TO whines now, just wait until the elderly Brad Johnson gets behind center. The Washington Redskins lost a shocker to the absolutely terrible St. Louis Rams, who scored a flukey TD on a fumble return near the end of the first half and managed to kick a game-winning field goal after Donnie Avery made a great adjustment on a severely underthrown bomb by Marc Bulger.

And finally, the New York Giants were absolutely walloped by the Cleveland Browns, who picked off the younger Manning 3 times. Braylon Edwards had 5 catches for 154 yards to out duel Plaxico Burress in the battle of receivers who played college football in the state of Michigan and now wear number 17. Apparently only one Manning can be good at a time. And where’s Ahmad Bradshaw?

Nice work NFC East. Nice Work.

A Note To Chris Berman

Is it really the “Fastest 3 Minutes” if you leave out a game. Say, for instance, the Packers-Seahawks game? Shouldn't you be penalized for that, or at least forced to call it "the regular length 3-minutes?"

Trade Deadline

The NFL trade deadline is today, and while there are normally no deals of consequence on deadline day in football, the Lions may have a fire sale.


Terrence Metcalf has been a naughty boy.

Today’s HOTD is brought to you by wine. Why wine? Because I was at a wedding on Sunday in Colonial Williamsburg and had to miss most NFL action, and wine was what they had. There are barely any bars in that town, even though it contains the campus of The College of William and Mary (Darren Sharper’s alma mater). Apparently the kids go to Delis, which do serve alcohol and even occasionally show football, but I was looking for the Packers-Seahawks game, and the Ravens, Redskins and Panthers were all considered local, and no one was interested in showing a game between a struggling NFC West team and the Packers. Instead we went with ye olde phone internet updates, and did not get to see Greg Jennings 45-yard touchdown catch, or anything else.

I did get to see Wisconsin get mauled, but let’s just skip that one for this week. Is Wisconsin this bad, or is Penn State just really really good?

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Chris said...

It could be both Wisconsin is very bad much worse than anyone thought preseason Evridge blows

But Penn State may be the class of the Big Ten this season