Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hair of the Dog, 10/9/08

I'm guessing that the daily "Hair of the Dog" posts will start to become less "daily" due to the lack of baseball games. Being a football fan is a little different than being a baseball fan. Football involves so much more anticipation. It doesn't lend itself to a nicely wrapped discussion every day like baseball does. I'm sure we'll still have a lot to say from October until March, but it may take a slightly different form--the HotD post may only happen every other day or consist of lots of links or something like that. Of course, there's always stuff to be said about the Bucks too, right? Actually, I'm going to be increasing my level of Bucks-fandom this season since I basically have tickets to every home game. It could be a long season.

Of course, the Bucks did look better last night against the Pistons than they did on Monday against the T-Wolves. They lost 85 to 71, but there were glimmers of hope. Richard Jefferson, Luke Ridnour, Charlie Bell and Joe Alexander were all out with injuries, so the Bucks were short-handed again. They got off to a good start and led 25-12 at the first quarter, and were still up 42-37 at the half. It fell apart from there though. Charlie Villanueva led the Bucks with 20. It'll be interesting to see how a guy like Charlie V responds to a coach like Skiles. If he can add a little hustle to his game, the Bucks would improve as a team. They take on the Pistons again on Saturday in their final home game of the preseason (I think they have one in LaCrosse too).

Sausage Links:

Yesterday, the JS mentioned that Bruan thinks the Brewers have a shot at signing Sabathia. Sabathia's agent probably disagrees.

Baseball Digest's Geoff Young doesn't think that 3TO is just a platoon hitter. Or at least he doesn't have to be.

The Cubs were mentioned on Tuesday's episode of the Daily Show. Check it out:


PaulNoonan said...

It's true. I've seen Cubs fans eat all-star ballots before.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on 3T0's injury? Will he be good to go next season? Will he still be a Brewer? What's his contract look like?

PaulNoonan said...

He's a free agent, and he was close to ready to play already, so he should be fine injury-wise. I don'tthink anyone knows if he'll be back with the Brewers or not.