Thursday, October 2, 2008

No Worries

Well that sucked, but oh well, it could have been worse. The Brewers
could have gotten humiliated at home with their ace on the mound.

Shitty defenders played shitty defense. How surprising. Bill Hall is awful. Against lefties, righties, trannies...he is just terrible and really has no business on an MLB roster. The Brewers were down by 3 in the eighth inning. Svuem trotted out Tony Gwynn Jr, Craig Counsell and Jason Kendall. Seriously? That is the best a 90 win team can muster? Pathetic.

Tony Gwynn Jr better have 1 pitch bunted his way out of ever getting another at-bat in a Brewer uniform.

As it is, they still have CC going today which gives them a better than
even shot of evening out this series, then it heads home to Miller

I know all the stats say the team to win the first game in the 5 gamers generally take the series, but in most of those instances the
losing team got beat with their best pitcher on the mound. Clearly not
so for the Crew.

Today is obviously a must win, and there is no one I would rather have on the mound.

Go CC!!!!


Fraley said...

Watching the game with some buddies yesterday, and my friend says: "Week's defense could cost us a run and put 18 more pitches on Gallardo's arm in a rough inning, we don't have that margin of error."

I hate it when he pulls out his inner Nostradamus.

E.S.K. said...

Hall and Cameron are just as much to blame for that inning.