Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The "He Said, She Said" Continues

Here is Favre on Favre:

According to a source who was at the news conference, Favre said that Millen called him and that during his half-hour drive home from the Jets facility to his home in New Jersey, he talked about the Packers with Millen. He said, however, that he didn't have a game plan with him and that everything he discussed was pretty basic information, most of it based on the games he played against them last year.

Favre said he suspected that Millen might have put him on a speakerphone so that some of his coaches could hear what he had to say. He said Millen had been calling him about going hunting because Millen's home in Pennsylvania is only about an hour away and that he was returning the call.

Favre took offense to the notion that he "sabotaged" the Packers, the term cornerback Charles Woodson used after hearing the report that Favre had talked with Lions coaches for 60 to 90 minutes about the Packers. He intimated that the idea of sabotage was coming from the Packers front office and the players were just repeating what they had heard.

Make of it what you will.


eric said...

i find this version far more plausible

Chris said...

Of course you do Eric. Who would have guessed

eric said...

shouldn't you be job hunting?

Chris said...

Shouldn't you be.

I don't need a job I am like ESK "Mommy" buys me my stuff

Anonymous said...

Does "mommy" mean "social security disability benefits relating to my head injury" in your case?

Chris said...

wow, a rip by an anon commenter how brave lol head injury that is a good one. The fact I saw that Favre was a douche so much earlier than most Packers fans proves I have a razor sharp mind.

How hard is it to enter your name in the damn line

that is the problem with American too many Lazy people

You know with all the great minds and high IQ's at this blog you would expect more and better posts

What what do I know lol not much as everyone here constantly reminded me every chance they got

eric said...

"too many Lazy people in America."

Once again from the guy with no job. Way to be a role model to your kids.