Friday, April 9, 2010

Frozen Four Day One Thoughts

Thoughts on yesterdays games:

RIT was a fucking disgrace. They are nowhere near as abyssmal as they played yesterday, but they just decided to not show up. The Badgers were able to thoroughly dominate with almost zero effort (which may hurt them tomorrow). We were sitting right in front of Barry Melrose (got my picture with him, woo hoo) and he was disgusted with RIT's effort. I have absolutely no clue how a solid, tough team like Denver lost to them.

BC is super, super fast but they are not 6 goals better than Miami. Miamis goalies simple failed.

BC is all transition hockey, and I think a crisp badger team can wreck them. Sadly, after that RIT debacle it will probably take a period for the Badgers to remember how fast actual division 1 hockey is.

Lastly, the ncaa really fucked this up. Playing college hockey games in 70000 seat football stadiums, when there is an NHL rink a few blocks away is fucking retarded. There were supposedly nearly 40000 people there yesterday but honestly, it felt like 4000. Absolutely zero atmosphere. Just awful and stupid and a real shame.


Anonymous said...

Miami has a hockey team?

PaulNoonan said...

Miami (OH).

BC may be in the same boat as the Badgers. They got to coast though a big chunk of their game too.

It looked like 4000 people on TV too.

paul said...

It sounded like 40 people on TV.

The NCAA had hoped that Michigan or MI State would be playing. Should be a much better crowd tomorrow night - many fans coming from WI for the final.

Next year should be better - in Twin Cities. 2012 will be awful - Tampa.

E.S.K. said...

Yeah, the xcel center is excellent for hockey, too bad the Badgers are going to be very bad.

BC probably won't have the same difficulties as Wisconsin, since their game was actually well played. They only dominated Miami in the third and on the scoreboard. Other than that it was a close game. RIT packed it in with about 12 minutes to go in the first and it really showed. Pathetic.

Jon said...

I'm sure we're a better team than that but BC just kicked our ass start to finish, we didn't look like we belonged on the same ice as them. Doh!

E.S.K. said...


Pregame pep rally with Chris Chelios, Rob Andringa and Barry Alvarez was fucking sweet though!