Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Note To Self

When August rolls around and the Brewers are 5 games under .500 and I look at their Pythagorean Record and they're severely underperforming, would someone remind me about the Pirates games back in April?

I mean, they are off-the-map terrible. Here be dragons, and Pirates.

Brewers v. Pirates - 4-0, RS = 53, RA = 4.

Brewers v. Everyone Else - 5-10, RS = 65, RA = 100

The Brewers have scored 53 runs in 4 games against the Pirates. The Houston Astros have scored 60 runs all year. The Cleveland Indians and Baltimore Orioles have scored 62 runs all year. The Pirates themselves have scored only 12 more runs on the season than they have given up to the Brewers.

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Gregor said...

I've got the 20-0 game saved on my DVR to bust out later on this summer when things aren't going well.

Having to stop myself from watching it on Sunday nearly brought me to tears.