Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It Gets Worse (Suppan is the third starter)

Suppan is not going to be the #5 pitcher. Jeff Suppan is going to be the #3 pitcher according to dumb and dumber in the Brewers booth. The stated goal is to split up the lefties Wolf and Davis. The unstated goal is clearly to lose baseball games and give me an ulcer.

To explain, Suppan will pitch next Wednesday in Chicago. He will then pitch after Wolf, thus making him the #3 starter and should that remain he will end up with a significant number more starts than the new #5, Dave Bush.


tracker said...

His #3ness means nothing.

Suppan's last two starts vs the Cubs (one in July, one in Sept): 14 IP, 7 H, 6 BB, 2 R.

Nick said...

For the record, Suppan is not even close to the worst value in baseball. Vernon Wells anyone??? I don't like the decision more than you do, but all things considered he WAS the 3rd best starter last year, and very nearly 2nd best. I know Parra has lots of potential but the last few years he's really been awful. I don't know why Narveson doesn't get a shot but I guess Suppan is the "safer" choice for now.

Chris said...

I can give you 12.5 million reason why Narveson is not being given a shot.

Chris said...

sad part is even a cave man such as myself can understand Sunk Cost but the Brewers management cannot or will not grasp the concept

PaulNoonan said...

He was maybe the 3rd best starter. He did best both Bush and Parra in ERA+, (76 to 63 and 63, respectively. Yeesh.) but had a worse WHIP than Bush (1.695 for Sup, 1.469 for Bush. Parra had an unconscionable 1.829) and a lower WPA (-2.09 for Bush, -2.14 for Parra, -.2.53 for Suppan).

I think we shouldn't count anyone who who plays or used to play in the Toronto outfield in this calculation.