Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trevor Hoffman is Unusable

It's tough to watch a great pitcher lose it. It's even tougher when it seemingly comes all at once (even if it was fairly predictable). Watching tonights outing it's blatantly obvious that Hoffman has absolutely nothing left to give out there. He has minimal velocity difference between his two pitches and the 2-0 pitch for the granny was right over the heart of the plate, showing perhaps the most prolific closer in the games history has lost his.

You can't be pissed at him for going out there when called upon, but after awhile when it becomes this clear you can start to get upset that he makes himself available at all. Trevor Hoffman needs to call it a career on his own terms, tonight. I really hope he doesn't make his last season in baseball one of complete embarrassment.

The Brewers staff now have two pitchers who are wholly unusable in anything resembling a baseball game. Their combined salary? $20 million.

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