Thursday, April 1, 2010

Juan Pierre Continues To Lead The League In Dumb Things Written About Him

From ESPNChicago White Sox beat reporter Bruce Levine:

The top of the White Sox order will be fun to watch. The consistent Juan Pierre brings his small ball game to the American League, which fits perfectly with Guillen's run-and-gun offensive mentality. Pierre could score as much as 120 runs with Gordon Beckham, Quentin and Konerko hitting behind him. The designated hitter combination of Andruw Jones and Mark Kotsay brings a diverse element of power and contact hitting.

Number of times Juan Pierre has scored 120 runs in a season: 0

Most runs ever scored by Juan Pierre in a season: 108

OBP that year: .378, his career high, in 2001 in Colorado.

People Who Have Hit Behind Juan Pierre in the past: Miguel Cabrera, Derrek Lee (a bunch of times), Aramis Ramirez, a steroidy Mike Lowell, a still-in-his-prime Todd Helton, a still-good Larry Walker, Carlos Delgado, Jeff Kent, Manny Ramirez.

Chances of Juan Pierre approaching 120 runs this year: 0.00%

That Juan Pierre Kool-Aid must be awesome stuff.


Eric said...

Reporters really, really, need to stick with reporting.

Gregor said...

Wuh-wuh-whatdya mean? Isn't it their job to make ridiculous predictions as well?