Friday, April 2, 2010

Carlos Gomez is Terrible

The problem isn't necessarily Gomez leading off, its Gomez playing at all in this lineup. That said, his career .292 OBP is laughable and should be enough to keep him out of the lead off spot. His 24% k-rate should be enough to keep him out of the 2 hole and the fact that his gb/fb ratio is more similar to Prince Fielder than Juan Pierre is enough to make me scoff at the offensive benefits of his speed. The guy is a bum plain and simple.

The problem is though, he's our starting CF bum, likely for the entire season. So...where do you put him in the lineup? Obviously he absolutely should not lead off since he doesn't get on base. He isn't a "traditional" number two because he strikes out "too much," has poor plate discipline and would never be mistaken for a "professional hitter" *gag*.

Obviously he isn't a 3/4/5 since he has no pop whatsoever and the Brewers have real alternatives for the three and four spots (next question, who hits after Prince?).

9th is the pitcher, the Brewers don't have one leadoff hitter much less two so the LaRussa solution is pointless.

That leaves 6, 7, 8. At that point does it matter? The only known quantities are 3rd, 4th and 9th. I would imagine McGehee will get the first opportunity to lose the 5th spot with Edmonds/Hart 6th (or reversed, either way it will change more than once throughout the year).

So my question is who do you want in the top of the lineup and on what basis? I guess I would like to see Escobar lead off since his last two season he has gotten on base at a .350+ clip and has yet to fail in the Bigs. The lineup would shake out thusly:


When Hart is in the lineup I'd shift him to 7th and move everyone else up a spot.

It's definitely not pretty but it's the best I can come up with right now.

sorry Paul, started as a comment but got too big


PaulNoonan said...

No problem. I still like Weeks leading off.

E.S.K. said...

I like Weeks as a two-hole hitter if the Brewers have someone that can get on base. That gives them three legit (if Weeks plays like he did the first month of last year) extra base hit guys 2/3/4 the drive in a high OBP guy. I don't think you lose anything by moving Weeks down a spot and putting a patient ball-slapper at the top of the order.

Chris said...

wonderful job by everyone covering Opening day lol

you are right Gomez sucked today

E.S.K. said...

You're right Chris, you deserve a refund, check is in the mail.

Just got back home to Indiana, had a blast! Sunburn on Opening Day...can't remember the last time that happened.