Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The World Baseball Classic is Awesome

The Netherlands beat the Dominican powerhouse twice.  TWICE!!  There have been a ton of excellent games; US-Canada, every NET game, last nights Cuba-Australia game, Korea-Japan...this tournament is excellent.

The US team has a bunch of give-a-shit in em this time around and it's pretty obvious that every other team does as well (aside from DR...hahah Marmol!!)  This time the players care and you should too, because it is very good baseball.

Tonight's games look pretty great as well as rematches abound.  Netherlands takes on Puerto Rico at 4:30 and US against Venezuela at 6:30.  Neither is an elimination game, but seeding is pretty important with Cuba, Japan and Korea lurking.

If you can stay up for it, Australia takes on Mexico in an elimination game at 9 tonight.  Go Aussies!!


PaulNoonan said...

Agreed. While the tourney probably isn't worth the injury risk, the fact is that we have a tourney, and that it's pretty good, so we might as well watch the thing.

Moment of high comedy:

On one of the local sports talk stations after the first Netherlands victory over the Dominicans, one guy called in defending the WBC and said:

"Did you see the Neanderthals beat the Dominican Republicans?"

And he was totally serious.

DannyNoonan said...

I've been watching a lot of the games too. There's been some exciting baseball. And man do I wish Adam Dunn was a Brewer.

BTW, the Braun WBC jerseys at Miller Park have the wrong number on them and aren't even half price. It's #8, his Brewers number rather than #18, his WBC number.

ahren said...

i've been a big booster of the wbc from the beginning. it's just a really cool idea and has the potential to become a global event of very large scale.

to me, it's worth the injury risk and "disrupting" the normal season schedule. i actually think this should be part of the next bargaining agreement-- get all the clubs to let all their players play. sure, you might take a big hit here and there, but i think this can be sold to the owners as a way to grow their market long-term.

WBC and spring training games on MLBN make me really happy to have a work-from-home job...