Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roster Essentially Set

One infielder and one ourfielder remain.  Looks like minor league options will factor in making the Brewers slightly worse than they could be.

Despite Casey McGehee outplaying pretty much everyone on the Crew he is likely to hit AAA.  He is in the unfortunate position of having options and playing behind a God awful player with a God awful contract.  He earned a spot, but he won't be getting it.

Unless, of course, Craig Counsell decides to have surgery and hit the DL for a few weeks.  That's looking like the only shot McGehee has of making the squad.

That leaves the outfield spot.  Chris Duffy has had a very good spring.  He his over .300 and he hit for power.  He played solid in the field.  Tony Gwynn Jr was injured half of spring and when healthy, looked like Tony Gwynn Jr. (atrocious) at the plate.  TGJ is out of options.  TGJ makes the team.

Haudricourt makes a lame attempt at justifying this Gwynn decision by saying he gives them depth in center.  That isn't true.  A warm body does not equal depth.  Hart in center and Duffy in right is depth.  Gwynn in center is 2 pitchers in your lineup.

The past two weeks have really started to warm me on the club (how could it not) and Villanueva seems to have come around.  I'm looking forward to the season but Jesus, losing Gwynn is a net benefit.  He is taking a roster spot away from a capable player when he is in Milwaukee and he is taking at bats away from legitimate prospects when he is in AAA.


DannyNoonan said...

I couldn't agree more. McGehee earned a spot. Gwynn has never ever ever been good. He has no chance at ever being good. If he makes the team over McGehee, I will be extremely upset.

Silverwolf said...

Can we trade Gwynn for 10 bats? Heck, even for 5 bats?

Rob said...

Can we trade him for a back-up DE for the Packers?

Anonymous said...

Bfd.mcgehee wouldn't play anyway. Remember gow many abs dillon got as a rh ph last year?