Friday, March 13, 2009

Why Can't I Ever Find The Badgers On Internet Radio?

Maybe someone can help me out.

When Marquette plays I can hear them online on the Milwaukee ESPN affiliate for free. When the Brewers play I can listen to them on for a small fee. When the Packers play I can listen on for a small fee if I want, or for free when a team is in the Red Zone. I haven't tried to listen to the Bucks online in a while, but I'll bet you can do so at THe NCAA tourney is all over

I can never find the Badgers online for basketball or football. What gives? Am I just not finding it? Do they not offer it? If I try to listen via a Badger Radio Network station it's either not on, or I get a message stating they cannot broadcast due to some contractual issues.

If it's actually unavailable, that's just ridiculous.


PaulNoonan said...

Never mind

Chris said...

where did you find it?

Silverwolf said...

Last time I wanted to listen to the Badgers on Internet radio, I was able to do it by purchasing a subscription via Yahoo!

Of course, after another fade down the stretch today where they showed they can't get a stop when they need one, and they can't score when they need a big bucket, do you really want to torture yourself with it?

PaulNoonan said...

I never did find it Chris, it just became pointless.