Monday, March 9, 2009

Annoying and nonsensical: Hardy won't move

I read this article on Escobar with a fair bit of annoyance. Specifically, Hardy's attitude:

That leaves Hardy as the man to move, either to third or second base. But there is no wavering by Hardy when he discusses the possibility. He wants to play short.

"If the Brewers want to use him, I feel like I'll still be playing shortstop somewhere," Hardy said. "Just not with Milwaukee. There's nothing I can do about it, so it's one of those things I don't worry about.

"But no, I don't see myself moving (positions) anytime soon."

Dude. I could see Hardy being a little hesitant to move to third, because he's more valuable as a SS with an excellent bat than a 3rd basemen, where his bat doesn't stand out as much. I can see that move possible affecting his bottom line (clearly where his head is at with the possibility). However, a move to second probably makes him more money. At 25 years old, Hardy's numbers look to be tracking pretty well with Chase, and that is the type of contract Hardy would be looking at as a second basemen. Double digit millions are in the future for JJ at second. While he may get the same at shortstop, he clearly won't be less valuable. Defensively it is an easier position to play as well. I don't get the refusal to even consider moving.

For all you folks that concern yourself with clubhouse atmosphere and good character guys, this sort of selfishness might be cause for concern.


Rob said...

Sounds like a whiner to me...

Chris said...

sounds like someone they can trade for pitching to me

E.S.K. said...

Hardy and Salome (sorry Paul, his body is whack and I am sold on Lucroy).

DannyNoonan said...

Why Escobar over Hardy? He's cheaper but Hardy is still undervalued and proven.

E.S.K. said...

I think you can probably get more for Hardy, and my comment makes no sense.

Hardy+Salome for Grienke, is what I meant to write.

tracker said...

Hardy won't be undervalued for long. And Escobar, if he's all they say he is, will be considerably undervalued for three years.

Even with Mark A, the Brewers are going to need some regulars playing in that first-3-arby-years window. Escobar seems the most ready.

ahren said...

only problem is escobar can't hit.

really, i don't think this indicates that this is about money for hardy. the dude is one of the best shortstops in the major leagues, and they're talking about moving him off a position at which he rates in the top 3 fielding-wise by pretty much every measure. i'd probably be a lot more annoyed by the suggestion than he seems to be.

i think the idea of moving hardy to 3b to play escobar at ss is stupid. for this to make sense, escobar has to hit as well as whoever else would be playing 3b, and that just isn't going to happen really.