Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Minor Deals

The Brewers signed OFs Trot Nixon and Chris Duffy to minor league deals.

Nixon is an intriguing little signing. He was, in his younger days, a high OBP guy who could hit for some power, and he's been especially productive against righties. He basically didn't play in 2008, but if there's anything left in the tank, he's worth holding on to. PECOTA is actually a pretty big fan of Trot.

Here's his 2007 scouting report:

For a fan favorite in his walk year, Nixon had a rough go. Slowed by a groin strain, he still hit .311/.415/.455 in the first half--short in the power department, the result of less leg in his swing, but still a performance to be reckoned with. Things fell apart from there; Nixon missed all of August with a Grade 2 biceps strain and a scary staph infection. Upon returning, he hit just .147/.266/.250 in September, hardly an advertisement for his next contract. Whether he returns to Boston for a farewell tour or signs elsewhere, he won`t be critical to anyone`s plans given his injury history, but he can still be useful in a reduced role.

Chris Duffy is old for a prospect. He's a speedster who can play some center, but he's had confidence issues in the past, and while he has shown flashes, he's likely a 4th OF at best, and probably not even that.

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