Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fuck these Refs

Trot out the 4th string team, bring a ton of publicity to this bowl game, and get an investigation started on this officiating crew. 

Absolutely pathetic.  There is nothing more crooked than college football.


PaulNoonan said...

I actually missed the game. Could you mention a few examples as I'm sure no one else will? Remember the refs at Fresno State? Were they that bad or worse?

Eric said...

What a baby.

Wisconsin has stunk all year long. You really think they were going to turn things around in one Bowl game.

childish naivete

E.S.K. said...

Childish? Maybe. But that was a God awful display of officiating. The first defensive touchdown was an incomplete pass, the overturned Badger int was a clear pick, the bullshit phantom roughing the kicker. Until that overturned turnover and the ghost call the game was incredibly close. Handing the 'Noles 14 points forced the Badgers to pass the ball, which they are 100% incapable of doing. Until then it was close and they were unable to run.

Naivete? I'm not sure you know what that means, as it's not particularly applicable in this case. I know the Badgers have been terrible, what exactly does that have to do with the officiating?

Chris said...

The Refs were terrible almost as terrible as this years Badger Team.

The Boy Wonder better show something next year or it will be time for the Badger Youth movement to end.

That was one of the most embarrassing badger losses in a long time