Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hair of the Dog, 12/4/08

The Bucks defeated the Chicago Bulls 97-90 last night. Leading the way for Milwaukee was the duo of... Dan Gadzuric and Charlie Villanueva? Seriously. The box score shows a pretty all-around "attack" with Jefferson scoring 21, Charlie V scoring 23 and a bunch of guys scoring around 10. But Charlie V added 10 rebounds, while Gadzuric had 14 rebounds and 11 points in 21 minutes. Both guys provided huge sparks. It was Gadzuric in the 2nd quarter, scoring 7 and grabbing 8 boards to help take the Bucks to a 12-point halftime lead. Then, in the 4th quarter, following a 3rd quarter run by the Bulls, Charlie V took over scoring 9 straight points. Both of these guys looks far better than they have in the past. This bodes well for the Bucks. If Redd and Bogut can get back to form, the upcoming schedule should treat us well. The Bucks are now 8-12 and still in second-last in their division. They take on Charlotte (7-11) at home on Friday and then head to the road for 3 games at Lakers (15-2), Phoenix (11-8) and Golden State (5-13).

Greg Jennings, Ruvell Martin and James Jones were at the game last night sitting court side with their bodyguards (or perhaps drug dealers). At a time-out, Bango dunked over Greg Jennings. That guy is an awesome athlete. Jennings should introduce him to Ted Thompson.

As a side note, in a brilliant display of marketing genius, you can now go to a Bucks game on a Friday night and get an upper level seat and all-you-can-eat hotdogs, soda, popcorn and nachos for $30. Ewww.

Besides the sad loss of the King of the Three True Outcomes to Jack Z and the Mariners, there's not much news on the Brewers' free agents and acquisitions. If I'm reading the CC Sabathia news correctly, the only offers on the table are the Brewers' 100 Million over 5 years and the Yankees' 140 Million of 6 years. Tony Reagins says the Angels are not focusing on Sabathia. I'm still not super optimistic about it, but it does seem like the Brewers' odds of signing him are getting better. Although CC's wife wants him to pitch for the Giants. That scares me a bit. I wonder how that would affect the Giants' new ticket pricing scheme?

The club is trying something new with ticket sales in a few tough-to-sell upper-deck outfield sections of its waterfront ballpark for 2009: cost based on demand. The walk-up sales price for up to about 2,000 seats could even go up or down on game day. The change would be minimal, say somewhere between 25 cents and $2. Team president Larry Baer calls it "dynamic pricing" and figures it might just become the way of the future for professional sports franchises. The Giants have partnered with a software company that will make it possible to quickly change the ticket prices based on the popularity of a given game -- not to mention weather, a possible milestone or a player from a visiting team who brings extra interest.



steveegg said...

I don't think the NFL will allow the use of trampolines on the field. Besides, the Packers need somebody that can at a minimum occupy an offensive lineman while in a 3-point stance, and Bango doesn't exactly fit that bill.

Benjamin said...

I still think that our discussed Bucks record based beer pricing is better than all you can eat, but I guess it attracts a more sedate crowd.

DannyNoonan said...

Ben, I totally agree. It's actually pretty similar to what the SF Giants are doing, except our idea was with beer, not with ticket prices. The Bucks should learn that if the product on the floor is bad, you have to add incentives to increase attendence. If they only win 24 games in 2008, they should decrease the price of beer to the point that they're competing as a bar. If they win 45 in 2009, jack the price back up.

Eric said...

Hey you don't need a trampoline to punt. Apparently you don't need a punter either.

DannyNoonan said...

It's not just trampoline dunking, he can also skateboard on his hands. That's and athlete.