Monday, December 22, 2008

The Old Man And The Snow

The snow in Seattle and the swirling winds of the Meadowlands will probably be the death of the Jets this year. As those of us who've watched Brett Favre play over the last two years now know with as much certainty as you can know anything;

Brett Favre isn't good in the cold.

I don't want to hear any comments about Brett's record under x degrees and other such nonsense. It's irrelevant. Brett USED to be good in the cold. Very very good. The fact is, however, that the older you are, the harder it gets to be cold.

Which is too bad, because the Pack could use a higher draft pick.

By the Way...

If Brett Favre's leadership voodoo is what turned the Jets around this year, just think how good the Dolphins would have been with Brett instead of Chad Pennington, as Chad Pennington apparently brings no leadership voodoo to the table. They might have gone 16-0.


Chris said...

Isn't it a crime in Wisconsin to speak ill of Favre? Good thing you do not live in state.

I actually watched some of that Jet game yesterday Favre looked terrible had the same body language that he had in the NFC Championship game. he did not want to be there plain and simple.

Imagine if he had actually stayed down on the farm in Mississippi this season. This whole mess could have gone such a different and better way.

tracker said...

I'm not sure I buy the Favre-in-the-cold legend as much as you do. I remember the undefeated streak when temps were below 34, which tells me two things: He lost at least one when it was 35 degrees, and two, the Packers were pretty dang good during that streak. He became a crappier cold-weather quarterback -- by amazing coincidence -- when his team was crappy.

DannyNoonan said...

Eh, his team was pretty good last year but lost in bad weather. The look on his face in those games was pretty telling, albeit unquantifiable.

Chris said...

I had a discussion on the whole Packers cold weather myth yesterday.

I for one do not think it really exists having seen Jacksonville and Carolina win in Lambeau

Where the weather plays a role is when very good Packers teams play really shitty teams like when they played Oakland a while ago, either on or near Xmas on a day when it was Frigid or like last years game. When you get a bad team down a couple of TD's in the cold weather you can see them wilt. But good warm weather teams that have a chance to win come the 4th quarter do not seem to be bothered by the cold weather. Hell even the Ice Bowl came down to the last play once Dallas got over the initial shock of the cold they played the Packers as well as any Dallas fan could ask.

Cold weather is only an advantage if you are playing a shitty team

Eric said...

I actually buy into that Favre Miami hypothesis. Favre is starting to look a lot like an old placekicker. Very good in his day but needing a dome or warm weather team to continue their career.

Miami may not be 16-0 with Favre but i'd wager they'd be even better than the Pennington Dolphins.

conversely if Favre went to say, Buffalo, he;d probably be 4-12. Hell if he stayed with GReen Bay he might be 4-12.