Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bucks Now Officially Screwed

The rumors were true. Andrew Bogut has a stress fracture in his back and will miss at least 8 weeks.


If you're looking for a small silver lining, here's one. You can't really be a major player in the NBA without a legitimate star player. The Bucks have a good supporting cast and solid 2nd tier stars with Redd and Bogut. Due to their market size, they are unlikely to attract top free agents. Their only hope of landing a big star is in the draft lottery.

This will almost certainly make them a lottery team, and quite possibly a high lottery team, and therefore there is some chance that they will land a 1st tier star to go with their solid base. This has happened before with the small(ish) market San Antonio Spurs, who lost David Robinson for a year and managed to land Tim Duncan in the draft.

So, there's that.


Rob said...

Man... this makes feel really bad. I was enjoying the Bucks and had high hopes. Ugh.

I am all over your San Antonio example Paul, but who is out there? Is Blake Griffin a 1st tier player? Ricky Rubio? I just don't think I see a Tim Duncan in the draft right now.

Chris said...

In some ways the Redd injury and the Bogut injury are gifts from the Gods.

I mean if they had tanked with them people would have been pissed and more depressed but now they can crater and get the high lottery pick and we all understand their record was caused by things the Bucks could not control

PaulNoonan said...

I'm with you Rob, I'm not sure that there are any true stars out there this year.

I don't know Chris, I was looking forward to playoff games.

Chris said...

Have to think long term would you really enjoy being the 8th seed and getting crushed by Boston or Cleveland?

Take the pick come back next year healthy and make a run and maybe get out of the first round.

Rob said...

So here are what ESPN call the top 10 college prospects and a little of what they say.
1. Blake Griffin (6-10, Oklahoma) – A young Carlos Boozer
2. Greg Monroe (6-11, Georgetown) – Has shaken the slacker label.
3. Ricky Rubio (6-4, Spain) – The best Euro since Toni Kukoc.
4. Hasheem Thabeet (7-3, UConn) – Finally living up to the hype.
5. James Harden (6-4, Arizona St.) – Big-time scorer.
6. Jordan Hill (6-9, Arizona) – Long, athletic, needs strength and IQ.
7. Jeff Teague (6-2, Wake Forest) – Complete package, but is he a PG?
8. BJ Mullens (7-1, Ohio State) – Superathletic big man who has struggle in college.
9. Al-Farouq Aminu (6-8, Wake Forest) – A long, athletic Anthony Randolph or Tyrus Thomas.
10. Cole Aldrish (6-11, Kansas) – Skilled big man with huge upside.

I don’t see any sure fire tier 1 players… may be Griffin. I would take him, but is Carlos Boozer a tier 1 player? I personally don’t think so. May be Rubio if he really can play point guard.

Think of some of these comments: “Slacker label, best Euro since Kukoc, Tyrus Thomas-like.” And the big men, Monroe, Thabeet, Mullens (never take a dude named BJ), Aldrish… Bogut is definitely better. They are glorified Dan Gadzurices.

I too, Paul, was looking forward to a playoff game. I will still cheer, it just is a bummer.

DannyNoonan said...

This will be Malik Allen's time to shine!

Scott H said...

Being out in D.C., I've seen Greg Monroe a few times and he looks impressive. He's just a freshman though so he's not strong, so he looks like maybe worst case = Charlie V., but his upside/best case he could be Kevin Garnett.