Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Break Up The Bucks

Another day, another 120+ point effort from the young Bucks. Richard Jefferson was the big point man tonight putting up an efficient 32 points (10/18 from the field, 8/10 from the line, and 4/6 from behind the arc) but Ramon Sessions continues to be the story. Sessions was held to a rather pedestrian 15 points, but dished out 17 assists, grabbed 7 boards, and had two steals. Good point guards know when to score and when to let their teammates score, and tonight Ramon let his teammates do the heavy lifting as Jefferson, Charlie V., and Charlie B. all enjoyed excellent nights from the floor. Joe Alexander put in a solid 12 minutes as well.

This Bucks team was left for dead by most people (including me), but they have an easier schedule coming up, and they should have ample opportunity to keep pouring in the points.

With the trade deadline looming and free agency on the horizon for Villanueva and Sessions someone might actually break up the Bucks soon, so see them while you can.

This is a fun team.


Chris said...

addition by subtraction.

Didn't they go on a run last year when Redd got hurt?

I listened to the first quarter in the van tonight it sounded like an ABA game with the fast pace and both teams shooting the lights out.

Scott H said...

I have been a Sessions fan since prior to his drafting.

But, I am posting mainly to ask WHERE IS YOUR PICTURE OF BOGUT'S SUIT? He's like a 7 foot Colonel Sanders.

Skiles is magic.