Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baseball America Top 100: 19, 34, 81, 100

19: Alcides Escobar SS ETA: 2009

34: Mat Gamel 3B ETA: 2009

81: Brett Lawrie C/3B ETA: 2011

100: Jeremy Jefress P ETA: 2009

See the whole list here. This isn't a terrible showing considering how young the Brewers are. It's a bit more troubling when you realize how "old" these prospects are. Three of the four are projected (and probably should) hit Milwaukee this year. That leaves one legit top 100 in the system. Ouch. Honestly, beyond these four the cupboard is fairly bare. Some people have hopes for Angel Salome and Jon Lucroy (my new boy!) but after that? Pretty much nothing. The next closest thing they have to a prospect is Cutter Dykstra solely because his awesome name and memories of his pop will sell jerseys.

Odorizzi might mature into a solid pitcher years down the road and Cody Scarpetta might be poised to break into the Top 100 (big might) but I don't see anything else. Taylor Green is overrated, Lorenzo Cain is 22 and has yet to show signs of dominating even at AA. This is a big year for a large chunk of the middling prospects in the system. Hopefully a lot of them break out big. My hopes for next breakout dark horse lie with Cole Gillespie.


Ben said...

I just found out that Lawrie is now a second baseman. TH had it on his blog.

E.S.K. said...

Yeah, they supposedly announced it this afternoon. I haven't seen any reasoning behind it but I have to imagine it's a vote of confidence in Salome/Lucroy.

ahren said...

i think the brewers system is somewhere around the middle of the pack.

i'm pretty high on lorenzo cain actually. my reasoning is that he was always a "tools" guy and his performance has started to catch up. he basically has a clean shot at the starting cf job in 2010. even if he just ends up average there, that's a pretty big boost to the team to be able to fill that position at a minimum salary