Sunday, November 9, 2008

Refs and League Go Into CYA Mode On Safety Call

Aaron Rodgers made a desperation underhand flip out of the end zone today, which was eventually ruled a safety because of an "illegal forward pass." That's bullshit.

Read this article at Pro Football Talk.

Apparently the league is saying that the ref meant to call it intentional grounding, which would be a safety, but while this play was unconventional, it was not intentional grounding. I don't think you can say that no receiver had a realistic chance of catching the ball (there was a receiver in the area) and I also don't think that an "imminent loss of yardage was caused by pressure from the defense. Rodgers fell down of his own accord, which is why his pass was poor. It is conceivable that he could have gotten back up before he was touched.

The Packers played like garbage, but that garbage call didn't help matters. The league should send an apology letter.

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Rob said...

I'm glad someone else saw that, because that call bothered me as well as the fact that Rodgers definitely shouldn't have taken the 2nd safety either.