Wednesday, November 5, 2008

How's Your Career, Javon?

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall and wide receiver Javon Walker are targets for a purge by the Oakland Raiders, according to published reports.

The players' names came up amid reports Raiders owner Al Davis and team brass as weighing drastic moves to shake the team out of its funk. Other high-profile players were discussed, the Contra Costa Times reports in a story by Sporting News correspondent Steve Cockran.

Walker, at 30 six years older than Hall, has been a bust, with 13 receptions for 169 yards and one touchdown in eight games.

Walker is due $12 million combined in base salary and signing bonus.

In 3 seasons with the Packers (he only played 1 game in the 4th year) Walker had 22 touchdowns and a hissy fit. Since leaving the Packers, Javon has caught 9 touchdowns in three seasons.

While you are a miserable failure, the Packers receiving corp is thriving.


Chris said...

Sometimes life is actually fair and those who have it coming to them actually get it

It is wonderful to see an asshat like Walker fail so spectacularly after leaving the way he did.

Almost makes you want to believe there is a God

Anonymous said...

Wow. Really? The Raiders are such a mess.