Sunday, November 30, 2008

Punting Is Important

Jon Ryan, now of the Seattle Seahawks, has a net average of 37.9 yards per punt. Carolina's Jason Baker averages 37.5 yards per punt.

Derrick Frost nets only 36.1. By the way, those two guys I mentioned who are way better than Derrick Frost rank only 15th and 19th respectively. They're not even good. Mike Scifres of San Diego averages 42.7.

Derrick Frost has punted 48 times for a net yardage gain of 1732.8 yards. Had Mike Scifres taken those punts, he would have accounted for 2049.6 yards. That's over 300 yards of field position. Jon Ryan, an average punter if ever there was one, would have added an extra 86.4 yards for the Pack.

The Green Bay Packers average 5.3 yards per play. This means that having Derrick Frost instead of Jon Ryan has necessitated that the Packer offense run an extra 16 plays. Those 16 plays were required just to get the Packers to the spot they would have been at had Jon Ryan, and not Derrick Frost, been punting. Had the Packers been fortunate enough to employ Mike Scifres, they would have required 60 fewer plays to gain the same field position.

Those plays gain you nothing except what your special teams has cost you, but while they gain you nothing, they provide ample opportunity for turnovers, penalties, and injuries.

Every minute that Derrick Frost remains the punter is a mistake.

UPDATE: They Released him.


Rob said...

May be we should talk about Mason Crosby's tackling beca had because he had two nice ones today. Special Teams = Losing.

Horace said...

What is it with the Packers and stubborn GM's who refuse to cut bad punters. At least in the case of BJ Sander we really had to watch him kick ... he just occupied a roster spot.

E.S.K. said...

when I was in 7th grade, we had 4th and 12 from our own goal line. I punted the ball straight into the air and an opposing defensive tackle caught the ball in the end zone for a touchdown.

I knew enough to ask that I never punt again (I also played QB and SS, so I was busy enough). I wish Derrick Frost had my sense of honor.

Tracker said...

The problem is most unemployed punters are Derrick Frosts. You can make a change for the sake of change at this point, but I doubt an upgrade is available. Keep in mind he's also the holder.

It's like the war. It was a mistake. But undoing it now would also be a mistake.

DannyNoonan said...

They released him: