Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hmmmm...Bill Castro New Pitching Coach

I don't really understand the Brewers giving Castro this opportunity. He has been with the Brewers in one form or another for 3 decades. What hadn't he done in the past that he recently changed that warrants this promotion?

I can't believe that Macha really had no ideas of his own to bring to the table? To top it off, he was the only interview? What the hell? (By the way, if the big three sports leagues and the NCAA are going to mandate minority interviews, I think they should mandate interviews with whitey as well).

I really like Castro. As a bullpen coach. Dude had already signed with the team. Melvin said he and Macha had lengthy discussions about bringing someone on, I'd imagine they went as follows:


Melvin: Kenny, any ideas on who you'd like to see coach up the staff? Castro, he's a damn good fella'.

Macha: Well, I was thinking of maybe bringing in Stevey Sparks. He was damn good for me in 2003 and--

Melvin: Zip it

Macha: Huh,um...what? Well then how bout Rick Peterso---

Melvin: ziiiiip it.

Macha: O---

Melvin: Zip it good

Macha: K------

Melvin: Castro it is!

Macha: This feels familiar.....


DannyNoonan said...

Willie Randolf is Bench Coach. Three managers in the dugout. Hmmm.

E.S.K. said...


PaulNoonan said...

Strange. Very strange. I'm not sure what they're going for there.

steveegg said...

I could say something like, "At least they got rid of Mike Maddux," but putting Castro in there is just moving around a deckchair on the HMS Titanic. There won't be any changes, at least from the pitching/bullpen coach end, on how the staff is misused.

Somebody please tell me that Macha is a genius with managing pitchers.

Rob said...

"Macha is a genius with managing pitchers..."

- B-town Rob