Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shaun White

I don't really like sports that involve judging like figure skating or gymnastics. I always think that judges are crooked, and I like things to be as objective as they can. (Though I realize that even in sports like football and baseball there is a good deal of "judging" going on, and I still like those.)

For this reason, I did not expect to enjoy the snowboard half-pipe event yesterday. I don't really watch the X-Game stuff, and I always figured events like this were added to the Olympics basically to get Americans more medals (and to grab that "18-35 year-old males" demographic). And this is probably true.

That said, I am shocked at how much better Shaun White was than everyone else. Even someone completely unfamiliar with the sport (like me) could tell that he was clearly the class of the competition. He must have been getting an extra 5 feet of air over his next closest competitor on every jump, and his landings looked effortless. I didn't think I'd ever say this, but Shaun White is an amazing athlete.

(Snowboard Cross is also really cool, but I think that event is finished.)

The Olympics started a bit slow, but yesterday was highly entertaining all around.


E.S.K. said...

The wife and I thought the exact same thing. She snowboards a bit so she had a better idea of just how good White is, but watching that competition last night it was like they were competing in totally different sports. He was magnitudes better than the rest of the group. Just absurd.

That said, cheering after your teammate falls (because it means that he wasn't able to do what everyone in the world knew he wouldn't be able to do)? Dick move dude. Dick move.

jason heyward said...

Shaun White is the most dominant athlete in sports, and light years ahead of his nearest competitor. He is quickly becoming the Tony Hawk of snowboarding. The private superpipe he practices on, shows his dedication and net worth.

Eric said...

Sure shaun white blah blah blah. But can he snowboard cross?

okay in fairness seeing him 20 feet above the pipe was fantastic