Friday, February 12, 2010

Corey Hart Has World's Greatest Negotiator/Lawyer

He won his arbitration hearing and will receive $4.8 million next year.

Now, I understand why this happened. Hart was making less than he would have received on the open market, and so even though he has gotten steadily worse since becoming a major leaguer, there is a rational reason as to why he should get paid more now than he was paid before.

Still, for a player who has seen his power fall off a cliff since becoming a regular starter (his slugging fell from .539 in 2007 to .459 in 2008 to .418 last year), whose OBP is almost entirely tied up in his BA (though he did walk more last year, thank god), and who finished 13th in the NL last year in VORP behind Milton Bradley and Kyle Blanks, it's pretty galling to see him win in arbitration.


E.S.K. said...

He always struck me as a guy who tried too hard. Maybe now that he got paid he'll relax and every once in a while not flail blindly at a low-away breaking ball.

tracker said...

Blame Minaya. Without Francouer, with worse numbers and equal service time, getting $5 mil, Hart loses.