Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh, You Savvy NFL

Releasing embarrassing news on Friday afternoon is always a good idea:

Arizona Cardinals end Bertrand Berry was fined $5,000 by the National Football League for his helmet-to-helmet hit on quarterback Aaron Rodgers in overtime -- a play that did not draw a flag during the Packers' wild-card loss.

It happened on the Packers' second play from scrimmage, when guard Daryn Colledge was flagged for a hold. If Berry were penalized during the game, the 2nd-and-10 play would have been re-played because of off-setting penalties.

Cardinals cornerback Michael Adams was not fined on the final play, when he had a finger in Rodgers' facemask after causing a fumble.

It's nice that they acknowledged this, but what's with this:

For the Packers, safety Atari Bigby (facemask) and end Cullen Jenkins (roughing the passer) were each fined $5,000.

Cullen Jenkins was fined for being blocked in the back into Warner. That's complete bullshit.


Eric said...

Total and complete. The NFL has the luxury of leisurely replay to make sure results are right. They could see Jenkins penalty was bogus and correctly not act on it.

Is the NFL in jeopardy of no longer being the best run sports league?

Scott H said...

Jenkins did hit the facemask and no his hand wasn't blocked into Warner's facemask, that said, he was badly held. What gets me is that Jenkins brief facemask gets the fine, yet the Cardinals one at the end stayed on Rodgers mask all of the way to the ground, yet the NFL says it is okay.

Not that I think he would have recovered it, but the facemask on Rodgers is arguably more relevant because it kept him from having any chance to get the ball or tackle the guy who picked up the fumble.