Sunday, January 24, 2010




Eric said...

Well. He didn't lose it by himself.

I'll take fumbling away the game for $100 Alex.

And what the hell was the 12th man in the huddle all about? Darrell Bevell you have splainin to do.

Kids. This is why home field matters.

I really believe the NFL has the most interesting playoff structure. Followed closely by March Madness

B-town Rob said...

Dumb penalty kept them from running the ball and leaving it in Brett's hands. That was a worse pass than the INT against the Giants two years ago.

paul said...

It took all season, but now the Viking fans get to feel the rest of the same love/hate relationship we had with the guy for so many years.

He may not have lost it by himself, but he did take away a chance to win the game at the end of regulation.

E.S.K. said...

I was hoping Eric would post. I don't know if you started off as one but it's hilarious that you're now a Vikings fan.

The great thing is Rodgers has his entire career to atone for that mistake while Favre solidified his legacy as a man who throws away big games with absurd consistency.

Jon said...

So lame, also Favre was totally not the reason they lost, his play despite the injuries was pretty amazing actually (though obviously last throw was a bad one). I'm not a Viking fan but the Saints were awful yesterday, Brees sucked, Sean Payton coached one of the worst games i've ever seen (Lets run the ball every play against the best run D in the league!!!), and nobody's talking about that. OT was a joke, stupid 1 - posession rule, i dont think they got the 4th down, the pass int call was a joke, not sure if meachem caught it. Basically everything wrong with the NFL summed up in 5 minutes after one of the most fun 4 quarters of football i've ever seen, what a buzzkill.

Chris said...

I hope that pass haunts Favre all Winter I hope he wakes up in a cold sweat every night after seeing that INT in his dreams

I honestly think I can make through the winter now thanks to the Saints

I still hope Brett goes into the Hall as a Queen let those losers have him.

Rubie Q said...

OT was a joke, stupid 1 - posession rule,

If I heard correctly this morning, there have been four Championship Games that have gone to overtime. Yesterday was the first time that the team that won the coin flip scored on its first possession.

E.S.K. said...

Nice to see you Chris.

I don't think these INT's bother him. Did you watch him post game press conference? Despite flaming out he said over and over "I'm going out on top"

Suuuuure ya are, old man.

PaulNoonan said...

The Saints really did play like crap. I was worried that the strange Reggie Bush success from last week would taint their play-calling, and it looks like that's what happened. But man, am I glad the Vikings flamed out.

tracker said...

"Sean Payton coached one of the worst games i've ever seen ."

Sean Payton didn't even coach the worst game in last night's game. Chilly ax-murdered the last 2:30 of regulation.

Jon said...

Sean Payton playcalled horribly all game long, much worse than Childress slightly botching the last minute or two (unless your directly blaming him for the 12th man coming on which seems unfair). and Rubie, just cause the rule has only messed up a championship game once doesnt make it any better (also messed up great Colts-Chargers playoff game last year). Must we wait until it messes up a super bowl to decide its worth changing?

TD said...

The idea that Favre was responsible for that loss is so ridiculous it defies words. Adrian Peterson HAD TWO FUMLBES THAT LED DIRECTLY TO 14 points. Favre's interception led to ZERO. If Childress' brilliant plan was to run it on 3rd down to set up a 49 yard + FG to end regulation, that got hosed up by the moron who wasn't supposed to be in the huddle on 3rd down. And whose bright idea was it to try to establish a running game out of the backfield with the freaking WR?? Some of you hate Favre so badly (for reasons I still don't understand) that you'll look for any reason to pin a loss on him, regardless of what the facts say. If he throws incomplete there, Longwell is kicking from 55+. He can't run it ... and he can't take a sack. So why the hell not throw it and hope to get a make able kick ... worse case scenario, you're likely going to OT anyway. That INT meant next to nothing. Get over your hatred for the guy ... if anyone ought to be getting fragged publicly, it ought to be AP ... what a disgraceful performance in the biggest game of his career. Some of you guys are seriously pathetic when it comes to the whole Brett Favre vilification thing.

PaulNoonan said...

I wonder how much TV lobbying effects the OT rule. If you play a full extra 15 minutes (with the slow play inherent at the end of a game happening again at the end of said overtime) you could get some really really long games, and I believe the networks like football as a lead-in to primetime as much for the product itself.

Eric said...

ESK, i am a Favre fan. I'll go one step further and say i'm a Favre Apologist. If that makes me a Vikings fan so be it.

Welcome back Chris.

Non Sequitor. Can Chris be made an authorized poster? I suspect he would bring content fairly often and i'd like to show up here more often than once a week to find something new.

That's the problem with quality, people want it more often.

Back to Favre, I don't get you haters. Do you hate Favre because he's not a Packer? Seriously? I prefer Rodgers as the GB quarterback. He's just as good but more mobile. I'm convinced Favre would have died behind the Packers O line this year.

So what gives Haters?

Eric said...

Jon, the 12th man in the huddle is Entirely on the coaching staff. They called a timeout to get the play they wanted. What the hell was a 12th guy doing there? Can't call timeout again so there's your penalty and there goes field goal range.


Chris said...

Chris has no interest in blogging about anything anymore.

TD said...

I'll say something else that is really gonna piss some of you off. At least he had the balls to throw it and take a chance ... unlike A-Rod, who froze and ended up fumbling away a game in OT that he should have won two plays before that.

But A-Rod gets a pass because ... well I guess ... he's not Brett Favre. I like Rogers ... and he played brilliantly against the Cards for 3 quarters. But he made what some of you all would call a 'Favre Like' interception that put them down 7-0 in the blink of an eye ... butchered that time clock on the last possession before half time ... and couldn't make the plays to win it in OT ... the same sins Favre would have ... and has ... been excoriated for in the past.

Come back and talk to me about A-Rod when he wins a play-off game, ok? Until then ... he's Archie Fucking Manning.

Eric said...

I hope Sudden Death never changes. Ever.

If you don't want to lose in OT then win it in regulation.

Saints won because of a total MN defeat. Bad end game coaching, poor defensive stops, Offensive turnovers. Very much like how the Packers lost to the Giants.

Vikings should hope Saints win because there's no shame in losing to the Superbowl Champion

PaulNoonan said...

Favre really brings people out, jeez.

Favre played great for most of the game and I would agree that he's not the reason they lost.

The problem with Favre's pick is that it was dumb. You're (sort of) in FG range, even after the penalty. You can run and probably pick up 3-4 yards. Berrian looked to be open on the sideline, and a pass to him would have been, at the very least, low risk.

Throwing back across your body into the middle of the field in that situation is just dumb.

Rodgers fumble was bad, but it wasn't dumb. Rodgers gets a pass because the fumble wasn't really his fault (mostly). That pick is all Favre.

E.S.K. said...

Why are you giving Favre a pass on his fumbled exchange when they could have taken the lead at half, TD and on his first interception?

I hate Favre because he's making it plain this season was a full on attempt to say fuck you to Green Bay. As a Green Bay fan, I take offense to that.

Rodgers gets a pass (relative to Favre) because he still has time to build a body of impressive work that overshadows one awful play and not turn awful plays into his legacy, a la your boy. Also, if you remember, I defended Favre to the hilt after that Giants pick and when he decided to unretire and play for the Jets. When he decided to turn 2009 into a "Fuck Wisconsin" campaign is when I decided I had enough.

E.S.K. said...

Also, it's good to see you guys all still come visit this place!

tracker said...

"At least he had the balls to throw it and take a chance"

He'd have been better to use his brains at that point than his balls, because his balls made a dumb throw.

As for Childress "slightly" botching the last minute or two, either he had no idea where he was on the field, had no idea how many timeouts the Saints had, or believed his team had the lead when it was, in fact, tied. Or he's just stupid.

As for Payton's playcalling, I contend it was pretty good. It needed to be relatively low risk; it was. He doesn't have the horses to run up and down the field on the Vikings D, and he didn't. Hate to use a cliche, but they played within themselves offensively and as a result, beat what appeared to be a superior opponent.

TD said...

Agreed, his pick was dumb ... but what real difference did it make? I guess kicking from 55 is technically in Longwell's range, because he did it ONCE before in his entire career, but I have hard time believing anyone wanted to kick the ball from there. I haven't seen a replay that shows his options, so I will defer to you on that point ... all I know is that taking a sack, or throwing it away probably both lead to the same thing they got ... OT, so while it may have been a dumb throw, on a dumb scale of 1-10, with 10 being dumbest, it's about a 2 at most in my book.

As for the Rogers ... how can a fumble NOT be his fault?? I mean, was he the one holding the ball when it was fumbled wasn't he?? I thought at the time, and every analyst I have read all also agreed, that Rogers should have had that ball out before getting hit. That he was holding it long enough that he could have fumbled there, makes it his fault. At the very least, he should have eaten it ... although I contend this is only slightly less desireable than a fumble. But at least if he takes the sack, they punt it, and the Cardinal offense has to make some plays to score ... with a spooked kicker who just missed a chippy to win it in regulation sitting on the sideline. That fumble was not just MOSTLY his fault ... it was ALL his fault, and to suggest otherwise, is to quite simply, be a Rogers apologist.

TD said...

I visit weekly. Sometimes more often.

Eric said...


Chris, your skill and frequency are missed.

My take on Favre... Nobody has the right to retire unretire etc and lead an employer by the nose. That's why he got traded. Good for TT.

I liked Edgar Bennet when he was on the Bears. Sue me.

Never did like Darren Sharper, though i wish he was still a Packer. Not sure he'd be a good fit though. Anyway...

Yeah the Favre picks were dumb. So was the coaching blunder before the final pick. And all the fumbles.

THe Viking loss was like the Packer loss to Giants. More than enough blame to go around.

tracker said...

Favre could've gained five yards by running straight ahead instead of making that throw, giving Longwell a 50-yard shot, indoors, a distance from which he was 8-for-freaking-8. If he gains two instead of five because he dives and doesn't want to take a hit, it still lines up Longwell from 53, the distance he said in pre-game that he was comfortable kicking from.

His failure was not in not throwing the ball away (which, of course, still would've given Longwell a reasonable chance to win the game). It was in not gaining the huge, risk-free five yards that were available to him.

Dumber than Rodgers's fumble, 10 to 2. But every player's made a bad decision in the heat of the moment. Childress outdumbs Favre because his playcalling is nearly inexplicable. A reasonable offensive approach to the final drive could've resulted in Longwell lining up for a 20-yard chippy to win the game.

DannyNoonan said...

I don't hate Favre. Brett Favre is the greatest Packer of all time. The league has really missed his presence since he retired after the 2007-08 season and never played again.

DannyNoonan said...

As for letting Chris post, that would probably get out of hand. I suspect we'll get more material up more often as baseball season gets underway.

Eric said...

Tracker i disagree Favre could have got five yards risk free by running. THe man had an injured ankle. Add to that he's 40 and i see a recipe for fumble.

E.S.K. said...

If he is unable to run five yards he should not be in the football game.

He ran to the huddle no problem when the drive began, and rolled out about 8 yards to get to the point where he released the ball. He wouldn't have had to sprint, just jog forward angled to the sideline and Longwell has a makable field goal.

His ego would not let him do so.

And Jeff Cirillo is the greatest Packer ever.

tracker said...

Closest guy in front of him is 10 yards away and in coverage, so a pump fake should freeze him. I say he gets out of bounds close to the 30, certainly inside the 35, even with a limp.
See for yourself.

Vikings analyst agrees.

"This isn't Detroit!" That there is funny.

E.S.K. said...

I made that my ringtone this morning tracker!

Eric said...

Yeah, a pump would freeze the defender, we've seen that often enough. Jogging wouldn't do it, there's a reason he was running away in the first place.

I still think he would get crushed and fumble.

Tony Mandarich is the greatest Packer ever.