Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ben Sheets Is An A

According to Michael Urban.

Originally I thought he'd end up a Cub. Fortunately, to alter that post into this post, all I had to do was delete the word "Hole".


Eric said...

Hmm... Makes me wonder what the Brewers were missing by not signing him.

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tracker said...

I thought Sheets would end up with a minor league deal and I still think that's all he'll be worth this season. Sample size is small (OK, it's Jason Jennings) but recovery from flexor tendon surgery without HGH suggests the affected is two seasons removed from effective pitching upon injury. With HGH (Pettitte), a return to effective pitching can occur within a year of surgery.

Chris said...

Billy Bean is going to look silly when Sheets goes China Doll Syndrome in June or July. Glad the Crew moved on.

E.S.K. said...

Beane won't look silly, he didn't give him enough money. Worst case scenario he doesn't pan out. Best case scenario he has a dozen solid starts and Beane trades him at the deadline for prospects.

It's a no lose situation for the A's, because they aren't good enough to contend this year anyway.

Chris said...

fine as long as the Brewers are not paying him I do not care what he does.

Eric said...

Would you care if you were able to sign him and then deal him for prospects?

I admit i don't follow minors much but it seems to me the Brewers farm is pretty well depleted.

tracker said...

Rumor is that Jim Edmonds is about to become a Brewer.