Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doug Davis Is Back

In general I think it's a bad idea when a team signs a guy they're overly familiar with. What I mean by that is a guy who used to play for you (but maybe wasn't that good) or is from your home state or something like that. Washburn, Counsell, and Doug Davis all would fit in that category for me. I think it shows a certain laziness in your front office.

Well, Doug Davis is back. He's actually not bad, I just don't like what this says about the way our front office is operating.


Anonymous said...

He was the best guy left on the market. I'll wait to see if Sup or Bush is the odd man out before I judge our management.

E.S.K. said...

For the money, I am very pleased with Melvin on this one and I do not say that very often.

ahren said...

i think what you say is partially true, but i think there is another side to it too.

particularly when it comes to pitchers, familiarity with a player can be an asset. being familiar with a player's health history and mechanics can help the training staff be more efficient in managing a player's health.

i generally agree with you on the "it's his home state!" argument though.

i don't mind this signing at all. it's a 1 year plus an option at a pretty good price.

as the previous commenter said, it matters a lot how the brewers implement their pitchers, but if they score the same number of runs as last year, they can make the playoffs with this staff. unfortunately, that seems really, really unlikely.

DannyNoonan said...

If this puts Suppan in a Brevard County Manatees uniform, it's a great move.

OC Lurker said...

This shouldn't be all that surprising. Doug has said on numerous occasions he regrets letting Davis go. Signing Davis for less than what we paid for Braden Looper is some pretty good value. I think it's reasonable to expect Davis to be better than Suppan and probably better than Bush.

PaulNoonan said...

I like Doug. Doug's fine. And the pitching staff should be markedly better this year, which is definitely a good thing (even if it may be offset by the Escobar/Gomez/Zaun/Pitcher portion of the lineup. Yechh.)

Incidentally, while I was on baseball reference just now I looked up Joel Pineiro. I thought his numbers would be much more impressive, and I thought he was much younger. Dude turns 31 this year and he's spent a lot of time hovering around average.