Friday, January 29, 2010

The Nate Poole Play

Just for kicks.


ahren said...

good thing the force-out rule was still in effect. also, that was an easy PI/holding flag that the refs were unwilling to throw...

PaulNoonan said...

Can't be letting penalties decide games, now can we?

Man, I hate that philosophy.

I watched this game in a bar with half Packer fans and half Viking fans. It was awesome.

tracker said...

I didn't watch that game at all, because Mike Sherman wouldn't let me,. All we could do was turn to the luxury boxes, where a buzz had started growing when the Cards scored their first comeback TD. As the Cards got possession again and moved down the field, they'd jump up and down upstairs, so we'd jump up and down and scream in the stands. Had no idea what had happened, but we knew it was good. Word started to spread of the score, field position, etc., but we were really about two plays behind in real time information. Finally they went nuts upstairs, and everybody knew.

The Packers, meanwhile, were wrapping up a thorough ass-whuppin of the Broncos. They were watching the fans -- prmarily the suites where they could tune in that game -- far more than we were watching them, because Sherman was true to his word. No info about the Vikings game would reach the sidelines.

Most fun Packers game I've ever been to.