Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Michael Redd is weak

I've always thought of NBA players as pretty super-human. That was until a friend sent me this advertisement for the Pure Power Mouth guard featuring Michael Redd. The PPM is apparently a magic mouth guard that makes you able to do four more shitty pull-ups than you could normally do. Michael can only do 7 pull-ups* without the PPM and 11 with it. All of his pull-ups had really really bad range. It's quite sad, but pretty funny too.

*I bet he could actually do a couple more. He didn't look like he hit failure. But his form was so so garbage it's hard to tell.


Anonymous said...

Man, that can't be real. There's no way he's that weak. He probably just didn't want to do this weird advertisement but his agent made him.

DannyNoonan said...

I wonder. I'd actually really like to see him try. I always thought these NBA guys were almost as strong as NFL players. Maybe Redd is just weak. He has been looking pretty doughy lately. I bet LaBron James can do like 50 pull-ups.

Anonymous said...

7 pull-ups is a lot.